Bomba ensemble

by Edgardo Díaz Díaz

This ensemble consists of the following musical components:
1).        One primo drum (also known as requinto, or subidor), a membranophone whose role consists on “mimicking” the improvisations of solo couples or individuals. Beats are done with bare hands over a female goat membrane:

El "Cumbanchero" Daniel Santos [from 0:36 to 1:10]
2).       One or more membranophones, known as segundo (or buleador), larger in size and, therefore, lower in pitch. By beating this drum with bare hands over a male goatskin, the buleador (or bulá drummer) provides the stroke (or toque de bomba) that is specific to the piece to be played: [from 3:06 to 3:22]


Content credits Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Image Credits: Cortesy of Edgardo Díaz Díaz| All Rights Reserved