• Letras 2


Letras is the vibrant literary section of Centro Voices. Letras will publish work of all literary genres (poems, essays, short stories, fiction, memoirs) of writers from the Puerto Rican Diaspora. The literary section is open to all in our community—the general public, writers and readers of all persuasions and interests, as well as to critics and academics.

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Feature Poets

Li Yun Alvarado
Albert Areizaga 
Alex Arnau 
Noemi Ayala
Theresa Becerril 
Christina Marie Castro 
Shaggy Flores 
Yovani Flores
Magdalena Gomez 
Ysabel Gonzalez 
Maralis Gusman 
Orlando Hernandez 
Roberto Irrizarry 
Rick Kearns 
Lawrence LaFountain Strokes
Jesus Papoleto Melendez 
Flora Montes 
Carmen Ana Pont 
Tony Rivera 
Tamara G. Saliva 
Bernice Sosa 
Noemi Soto 
Charlie Vasquez 
Rich Villar 
Lourdes Vázquez 

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