For Antonia Martínez Lagares

by Jesús Papoleto Meléndez

So, Let me say – to Winds & Minds

   that may carry my voice

thru the Diáspora of You –

   You are among the Innocence
        that tries to make common sense

      out of Puerto Ricans

           pitted against Puerto Ricans

   in Puerto Rico


         Rocks & Bottles,

         Rubber Bullets

      & Tear Gas;

        putting into practice

       Blatant Torture Tactics –

as the Hypocrisy

          of Democracy tolerates

in this World –


        The Youth goes Marching

   with pure Acumen

For the Human Right
      to transform Intelligence

        into utter Excellence!

O!, Let it not take another “Death to Avenge!”
      for us to realize once again
         the bloody cost to educate a Life!

‘Lest we forget –

            This is Revolutionary!!!

And there are no innocent people…

                          No –

     There are just No Innocent people!

©Jesús Papoleto Meléndez

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