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Voices Questions & Answers

How often the publication will come out: yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or on an ongoing basis?

Centro Voices is an asynchronous magazine. In other words, it operates in a continuous fashion or without the use of fixed time intervals. Content will be available on the internet permanently once it is posted.

How can I start the process?

We need a one paragraph blurb that describes the mission of the section of the magazine. A second blurb will give an example (or maybe two if you have them) of the type of activity that may be included the section. These may include essays on Puerto Rican history or cultural traditions, perhaps with pedagogical guides for various levels, video clips recorded from ongoing events or specially recorded for the section, annotated bibliographies and other materials for use in the classrooms, etc.

What are Sections?

Centro Voices is a shared cybernetic space in which online resources are organized in sections corresponding to work groups (such as Yahoo group, Google group etc.). These sections and the group members in those sections create pages with assistance from Centro staff, select content, and give it focus. Each one of the groups will be responsible for maintaining and updating their sections periodically.

Who can submit proposals for sections?

Proposals can be submitted by an individual or a group of individuals. Centro staff will assist in the formation of groups and proposal development. There is no required format or length, except a clear description of the proposed section for the magazine, potential contributors, and brief examples of activities and contents to be developed by the group. If funding is requested, a budget for the proposed activities and expenses should be included. We will not pay stipends for the facilitation of groups to editors, though stipends to work-study or college assistants for administrative support can be included as expenses.

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