Submission Guidelines

All material submitted must be in digital form.
       o CDs, DVDs or flash drive

In separate documents include the following:

o Name, addresses (electronic and postal), and institutional affiliation (if any) of all participants—beginning with those of the point person
o Biographical sketches (75-word maximum) and photos of the particiapants
o Storyboard of the proposed site:

■Clearly indicate the structure of the page(s)
■Order of the context (provide an index)
■Clearly indicate the places within a page where images, tables and/or videos should be placed

o Substantive or content materials:
o Provide captions for images, tables and videos
o Copyright clearances for images, text or videos used (form is attached below)

Format of the materials:

o All documents should be either Word or PDF files
o Images should be JPG files at a resolution of 72-dpi
o Videos should be MOV files

Mail CD, DVD or flash drive to:

Editor, Centro Voices
Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Hunter College
695 Park Avenue, E-1429
New York, NY 10065

Contact us at:

Voices Submission Guideline

What is the process after editors submit text and other materials for posting?

Once editors approve the text, videos, and graphic materials, the magazine editor will review it to make sure that policies (e.g., no porno or offensive language, etc.) are observed. Afterwards, Centro staff (the web master and his/her team) will design the pages and post them. Our line-editor will take a look and may suggest to the editors language or grammatical changes before the material is posted on the web. We assume the editing will be minimal, given the section editors training as professors. When the submitted text by group members need more substantive editing, our suggestion is to send the work to the copy editor before you approve the text and forward it to Centro staff for posting. Over the long term, we expect the “editors” or “conveners” of the section or group to jointly approve content to be posted. As the various projects for the section come to fruition, the editors’ review and approve content and forward it to the team managing the magazine.

What is the role of Centro staff?

Centro staff would do all the technical work and in maintaining the implicit partnership among group members. Centro Partnerships and Events Coordinator will support the coordination of and support to the magazine groups. Centro staff will be responsible for all web technical support, page design, etc.

It seems you are interested in coupling the publication with complimentary educational events, who will coordinate these events?

We conceive voices as communication vehicle for groups of scholars and practitioners, and a way to engage the general public. To the extent that these groups generate activities and events that can become part of the Centro events program for each semester, Centro’s Partnerships & Events coordinator will oversee the logistic of the events. Ideally, over time we will have a more organic relationship between Centro events and voices groups. Though not all programming will emanate from voices groups, we would really like to have a very high correlation. This will result in a better alignment of our activities with the field, and the strategic plan of the organization.