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The inaugural issue of Letras has arrived. Fifteen distinct voices have said “presente” and are now part of the initial voyage of this online magazine.

Works submitted for the issue comprise a variety of genres, styles, traditions, and concerns. As such, the inaugural issue has four sections: “Poems”; “Essays”; “Fiction”; and “Memoirs”.

In the poetry section, alongside well-established poets such as: Carmen Valle, Lourdes Vázquez, Alfredo Villanueva, Yván Silén, David Cortés Cabán, and José Angel Figueroa, we showcase the works of younger poets, like Nancy Mercado and Urayoán Noel, who have been influenced by the Nuyorican Poetry aesthetics of authors like Pedro Pietri, Tato Laviera, Louis Reyes Rivera, and Miguel Algarín, to name but a few. We have also included a poem by Yvonne Denis Rosario from Puerto Rico. Her first and only book published thus far is a collection of short stories titled, Capá prieto.

Two essays, one in Spanish, the other in English, accompany the corresponding section. Juan Manuel Rivera’s essay is a persuasive defense of the creative process and calls for a profound reform within the teaching of literature. Pedro López Adorno’s essay, on the other hand, is a personal rumination on the never-ending polemic of poetry’s usefulness.

In the “Fiction” section we have included short stories by two well-known writers, Marithelma Costa and Myrna Nieves, and one by relative newcomer, Bronco Castro.

We round out the issue with two testimonials that portray, each in its particular way, the anguish and complexities of the diasporic subject.

Letras Vol.01/2010

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