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By the inter-war years, with an already large community in the city, organizations began to revolve around government initiatives -- both in the city and in Puerto Rico. They were created to deal with what was becoming an undeniable reality for both societies: the existence of a growing migrant community with needs quite specifically related to issues of migration, labor, and social adjustment on a fairly large and complex scale.

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Jorge Brandon's 'El Coco que Habla' began the practice of reciting poetry in Union Square Park following the declamador (oral bard) tradition of Puerto Rico. It would later become an important influence on the spoken word and performance poetry genre. He took on the role of oral poet with the responsibility of informing the living of what had taken place in the past. (portrait from marlis or video excerpt)

The Great Migration
The third great wave of domestic migration from Puerto Rico to N.Y.C. – which came after World War II – the Great Migration, was precipitated by three main factors:

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1- The Great Depression. Given that the United States had turned the island’s economy into a dependent satellite affected by the fluctuations on the mainland, unemployment on the island also became extremely high. 2- The outbreak of World War II. The need for war manufacturing opened the doors to many migrants who were searching for jobs. 3- The advent of air travel. Planes provided Puerto Ricans with an affordable and faster way of travel to New York.

In 1948 the Migration Division of the Labor Department of Puerto Rico established its national headquarters in New York City to clear migrants for jobs, provide them with proper identification, and refer those needing help to the appropriate agency[. “The Migration Division served as official intermediary between Puerto Rican workers and United States employers as the government of Puerto Rico formalized and regulated the labor contract process.”

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