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Loisaida Inc was established in 1979 by Dora Collazo-Levy, a former schoolteacher and a leader in decentralizing the school system during the 1960’s, was the executive director of the community agency. Located at 12 Avenue D (Near Houston Street), its goal was to address some of the social problems within the community. While Loisaida has always been a neighborhood rich in culture it was also one plagued with violence, drug use and stammering statistics of teen pregnancy and poverty rates. “At that time 126 agencies, businesses, and individuals formed a Task Force to address the problems and make the neighborhood a safe and good place for families.” Over the last thirty years Loisaida Inc has been dedicated to the betterment of their own community and have branched off to support and create many programs in the community such as P.A.P.A (Parental Awareness Prevents Abandonment) a program dedicated to helping young fathers prepare themselves for parenthood. The program provides the young fathers with counseling sessions as well as communication and problem solving seminars.

In addition to the numerous programs that the organization is affiliated with the Loisaida Festival a large day-time fair with two stages featuring the best Latin music. Always celebrated the Sunday before Memorial Day at Loisaida Avenue ( Ave C), it has evolved into the largest Latino pride festival in the area attracting up to 14,000 people in 2009. The organizers state that the Festival is inspired by the likes of community activists pioneers such as Petra Santiago, Ernest Martinez, Dora Collazo Levy and cultural icon Bimbo Rivas. The festival continues to celebrate and remind newcommers of the Puerto Rican cultural legacy in the Lower East Side.