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About  Loisaida

The Lower East Side and Loisaida, the same geographical space, but two distinct inter-penetrating worlds that have fed, enriched and pushed each other; this web-center tries to remember and dismember myths, and tries to accurately locate the fundamental role of the Nuyorican cultural/institutional contributions to the development of the neighborhood.

The Remembering Loisaida base best understood and experienced as a multi-layered explicative matrix in which each thematic division is fundamental for the understanding of the other thematic divisions. However, each division offers an entry point exposition to a self-contained topic.

We have tried to provide an explicative matrix that takes into account the chronological, theoretical, ideological, biographical, institutional, cultural, and political texture of the Loisaida meme. And, while each division/theme can be browsed and enjoyed individually, a most comprehensive understanding of the project is gained by cross-referencing and consulting the other divisions/themes.

It has taken years to forget the fundamental role of the New York based Puerto Rican (Nuyorican) community in the cultural history of the Lower East Side; and while El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños and its impressive archival collection at Hunter College is especially well-placed to help us remember history in its richest texture, a continuous effort is needed to disassemble existing forgetful narratives and build new, more accurate, ones. Remembering Loisaida is an ongoing, live and growing project.