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This section of Voices: Barrios will focus on Florida -- home to about ¾ million Puerto Ricans. Since 1990, Florida’s Puerto Rican population has grown to become the second-largest in the diaspora. The most dramatic increase has been in Central Florida, where the percentage of Puerto Ricans to total population in the Orlando-Kissimmee area is now larger than that of New York.

Barrios – La Florida stretches the definition of the barrio. Florida is a big place with many Puerto Rican communities spread from Tampa through Orlando to the Space Coast and from Miami to Jacksonville. We want to use this space to explore all of them. The spring 2010 issue of CENTRO Journal reports on some of the earliest research on Puerto Rican Florida. The “La Florida” section of the Barrios series is intended to augment the work begun in CENTRO Journal by offering a space for scholars and artists to tell the stories of “La Florida.” This section is about the history and actuality of Puerto Rican Florida. We invite submissions of oral histories, photo essays, interview excerpts, brief analyses of qualitative or quantitative research, and other pieces that together will make a mosaic of the Puerto Rican barrios of La Florida. Submissions may be in English or Spanish.

In this issue, we have included a statistical presentation of Puerto Rican Florida demographics (Demographic Overview), an excerpt from an oral history about Puerto Rican experience in Florida in the 1950s (Oral Histories), a photo essay about one community in Central Florida (Barrios of La Florida), and an archival document from the 1930s that invites further investigation (En los Baúles). In the future, we hope to see Barrios – La Florida grow with information on art and culture, education, history, health, housing, politics, economics, and other topics that you might propose to us. For more information, or to submit materials, contact Patricia Silver, section editor Voices: Barrios – La Florida patricia.silver@hunter.cuny.edu.

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