(DVD) USA (2003)
Cornell University
New York State School of Industral and Labor Relations
Language: English
Color; Duration: 94 minutes (Disc 1 & 2: 47 minutes each)


[dvd] USA (2010)
Producer: CNN
Language: English
Color;Duration: 24 minutes.


[DVD] USA (2008)
Street Certified Productions
Directors: Tone Gonzalez & Zaire Johnson
Language: English
Black & White film; Duration: 30 minutes.


[VHS] USA (1998)
Films for the Humanities Production
ProducersFrancisco Ramirez and Vanessa Cordova Corwin
Language: English


 [DVD] Puerto Rico (1991)
Luis Molina Casanova Production
Executive Producer: José Javier Diaz Vega
Director of Photograhphs: Geronimo Perez Quesada
Language: Spanish


 [DVD] USA (2008)
Production Company: Lost Nations Pictures, Ltd.
Producer/Director: James Rutenbeck
Language: English
Color; 85 minutes.


[DVD] Puerto Rico (2005)
Benefactor: Amigos de la Claridad, Inc.
Executive Producer: Frank Ferrer


[DVD] USA (1974)
REALIDADES Public Affairs Program- WNET13 New York
Producers: Oscar Castillo & Raquel Ortiz




WNET13, New York, 1972 - Directed by Bud Myers, Produced by Dylcia Pagan; Color; 30 minutes. Host Cucho Vierra talks about the musical heritage of Puerto Rico. Performances by Willie Colon and his orquestra, Machito, Ray Barretto, Efrain Ramos y sus pleneros del barrio, Ruben Rivera y su orquetra. (poor audio quality)



[DVD] Puerto Rico (2007)
A film by Jacobo Morales
Producer: Blanca Silvia Ero