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Yasmin Ramirez, Ph.D


Yasmin Ramirez

Upcoming Presentations/Lectures/Talks:

CAA Committee on Diversity Practices
Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk: Active Engagements in Diversity Practices
Thursday, February 10, 7:30 AM–9:00 AM
Beekman Parlor, 2nd Floor, Hilton New York

Chair: Kevin Concannon, University of Akron
Issues and Initiatives Involving Native North American Art at the University of North Dakota
Arthur F. Jones, University of North Dakota
Free within Ourselves: From "The New Negro" to "The Black Aesthetic", African American Art in Nebraska
Peggy Jones, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Aging Artists and the College Art Association
Carl Parrish, Savannah College of Art and Design
The Creative Class of Color in New York
Yasmin Ramirez, Hunter College, City University of New York



Yasmin Ramirez, Ph.D.,
is a research associate at the Centro de Estudios Puertorriquenos, Hunter College New York.  She earned her Ph.D. in Art History from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2005 with a dissertation entitled:“Nuyorican Vanguards:  Political Actions / Poetic Visions, A History of Puerto Rican artists in New York, 1964-1984.” Dr. Ramirez is currently writing a book based on her dissertation that is scheduled for publication by Notre Dame University Press in 2010.

Additionally, Dr. Ramirez is overseeing the digitization of works on paper and writings on Puerto Rican artists for an on-line database of the holdings of Center for Puerto Rican Studies archival collection. Select artworks and documents from the collection are being shared with the International Center for Arts of the Americas at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Dr. Ramirez frequently lectures on Puerto Rican, Latino, Latin American and African Diasporic art.  She serves on the national steering committee of the biennial conference, Latino Art Now and the advisory board of Aver: Revisioning Art History.Prior to her appointment at Centro, Dr. Ramirez was adjunct curator at El Museo del Barrio from 1999-2001 and the curator of Taller Boricua from 1996-1998.   Her publications include: “The Activist Legacy of Puerto Rican Artists in New York and the Art Heritage of Puerto Rico” (2007); “Nuyorican Visionary: Jorge Soto and the evolution of an Afro-Taino aesthetic at Taller Boricua (2005); and “Parallel Lives, Striking Differences:  Notes on Chicano and Puerto Rican Graphic Arts of the 1970s” (1999).

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications:

“The Creative Class of Color in New York,” Grantmakers in the Arts GIA  
Reader, Vol.20 No. 3, Fall 2009.

“The Activist Legacy of Puerto Rican Artists in New York and the Art  
Heritage of Puerto Rico, “ 46-53 ICAA Documents Project Working  
Papers, Houston Museum of Fine Arts:  No. 1, September 2007

“An Interview with Destruction Artist Raphael Montañez Ortiz,” in Unmaking: The Work of Raphael Montañez Ortiz, Rocio Aranada, ed. Jersey City: The Jersey City Museum. 2007.

“Nuyorican Visionary: Jorge Soto and the evolution of an Afro-Taino  
aesthetic at Taller Boricua.” Centro: Journal of the Center for Puerto  
Rican Studies, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, (Fall 2005): 22-41.

“Puerto Rican Light (to Allora and Calzadilla)” in Puerto Rican  
Light, Sophia Hernandez Cuy, ed. New York:  The Americas Society, 2005.

“Martin Wong: Chino Malo,” in Fresh Talk/Daring Gazes, Conversations  
on Asian American Art,.  Elaine Kim, Margo Machida and Sharon Mizota,  
eds. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003.

“Passing on Latinidad: A Case Study of Critical Responses to El Museo del Barrio’s Pan Latino Programming.” Paper presented at The Interpretation and Representation of Latino Cultures: Research and Museums, A National Conference, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., November 21, 2002.

Fred Wilson.” Artists and Influence, Vol. XX (2001): 115-127.

“Soul Bytes: Comments on Taller Boricua’s 30th Anniversary Digital  
Portfolio,” in Homenaje Alma Taller Boricua XXX Aniversario, 30-35.   
San Juan, P.R.:  Museo del las Americas, 2001.

“Parallel Lives, Striking Differences: Notes on Chicano and Puerto  
Rican Graphic Arts of the 1970s,” in Pressing the Point: Parallel  
Expressions in the Graphic Arts of the Chicano and Puerto Rican  
Movements, 10-13. New York: El Museo del Barrio, 1999.

“La Vida:  The Life and Writings of Miguel Piñero in the Art of Martin Wong,” in Sweet Oblivion: The Art of Martin Wong, 33-47. New York: New Museum and Rizzoli Books, 1998


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