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Centro Publications is an intrinsic component of the institution’s research program and a critical vehicle for the dissemination of reports and other information related to Puerto Rican studies. Publishing makes it possible for Centro to widely affect the field. The publications include:

CENTRO Journal – a vital and integral component for influencing the field of Puerto Rican studies, its research and intellectual inquiry trajectory. Centro publications seek to impact policy, community perspectives and priorities and address crucial topics otherwise neglected by the academic community.

Briefs – disseminate relevant research to targeted audiences. Briefs are a complement to more academic-oriented publications targeting specialists in Puerto Rican studies and other disciplines.

Working Papers -- convey the preliminary results of ongoing research on significant and emerging academic or policy issues. Working papers are published to encourage feedback from readers and to encourage the development of new research areas.

Centro Press – uses print on demand (POD) to allow our academic press to maintain a large backlist, save storage and production costs, and maintain competitive pricing. Centro is well positioned to take advantage of this technology; we have long published work by researchers, collections of essays resulting from conferences, and other products that now will be suitable for POD printing. It also will allow Centro to expand the types of products that we currently produce and thus have wider influence in the field.