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Research Interests

As a university-based Puerto Rican research center, Centro staff and researchers focus on a comprehensive understanding of the Puerto Rican experience in the U.S. and its diasporic and historical connection to Puerto Rico. Given its history and role within CUNY, Centro is particularly interested in New York's Puerto Rican and other Latino and ethnic communities. The following are current areas of research:

  • History and political economy

  • Migration and population change

  • Race, class, and gender

  • Education

  • Community development

  • Public policy and political participation

  • Cultural and literary studies

  • Public health

  • Workforce development


This list reflects the current combination of the staff’s strengths and expertise and the academic, community, and policy networks Centro has developed throughout its history. Given the changing needs in Puerto Rican communities, in academia, and in Centro's staff, these topics are reviewed periodically.