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Centro Research Exchange


Since its inception in 1986-1987, the Centro Exchange Programs, through a broad range of scholarly projects, has aimed at fostering collaboration between faculty and students from CUNY and with universities and other scientific research centers in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. In the past, Centro has provided research support through four different programs: Dissertation Fellowship Competition; Puerto Rican Diaspora Grants; General Grants; and Undergraduate Exchanges.


In the future, we will combine and refer to these programs as the “Centro Research Exchange.” The program will focus on strengthening the pipeline of Puerto Rican-focused researchers, including dissertation support, junior faculty peer-review publications, and collaborations between senior and junior researchers at the graduate and undergraduate levels.


Thus far, these CUNY-wide programs have facilitated research and other academic/cultural activities for more than three hundred faculty and students. Grants were considered on an individual and year-to-year basis. Depending on the availability of funds, mini-grants of up to $4,000 were awarded for faculty/student research, seed projects, network development, and dissertation research. Priority has been given to applicants seeking to develop or strengthen institutional links (i.e. working with a university department/school or a research center on a particular project), and to those working collaboratively with researchers and students in the Caribbean, though a small amount of funds was allocated for proposals for individual research, especially for CUNY graduate students engaged in dissertation research. A brief description of past programs and awards follows.