Dyanis de Jesús

Creative strategist with experience ranging from advertising and design management to innovation and new business development. Dyanis has gained insightful multicultural and international experience working in Latin America, Italy and the United States for both national and global clients. She has proven ability to lead the creative process partnering with multidisciplinary teams and clients.

Most recently, Dyanis graduated top of her class in the Design Management Master's program at Pratt Institute, NYC. With this business degree, she strengthened her design thinking skills - using creativity to solve business problems, generate innovation and opportunity, while taking into account social, cultural and even environmental factors.
Dyanis' creative experience of more than a decade, together with her business skills and strategic acumen help her to see across borders, which is especially valuable in today’s interconnected and multidisciplinary business world. It allows her to provide innovative solutions and hybrid thinking for a wide spectrum of projects and clients.