Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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How to use CUNY+

How to use CUNY+



About CUNY+

CUNY+ is an online Catalog shared by all of the CUNY Colleges. The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library has its holding on CUNY+ as well. These items include books, dissertations, finding aids and some films. Before using CUNY+, be sure to look at the guide below for suggested search methods. You do not have to be at Centro to conduct searches on CUNY+, you simply need to be using any device connected to the internet. Please be aware that unlike many other CUNY based institutions, the Centro Library does not circulate any of its materials and does not participate in an inter-library loan system.

Using CUNY+ for Centro Materials

Once you are on the CUNY+ page, you can begin searching through the various catalogs within the CUNY system. To specifically search through the Centro’s catalog, select Centro at Hunter from the drop down menu on the right. This will ensure that your results will display items held at Centro. Search results will display a list of 20 items per page consisting of authors, titles and date. These items are typically arranged in chronological order with newer items placed at the top.

When taking notes on titles you may be interested in, it is strongly suggested that you make a note of the call number of the item. This will allow the librarian to quickly locate the items you need. The call number can be viewed by clicking on the word Centro in the availability section of the list. Examples of call numbers are F128.9 .P85 S264 2010 or THESIS 2324.

Advanced Searching

Using the Command Search tab on the CUNY+ catalog allows for individuals to conduct Boolean searches. If you are interested in seeing whether another CUNY institution has the same materials as Centro you must type in your search query followed by and wow=cp. For example:

Julia de Burgos and wow=cp Puerto Rican Migration and wow=cp

Using the code and wow=cp will direct the search to retrieve items within Centro and display other CUNY Colleges or institutions which have the same items.

Helpful Hints

• Avoid using one-word searches. Often using one word leads to retrieving many irrelevant results.

• When conducting a basic search, try to be as specific as possible by either using names or including words such as Puerto Rican or Puerto Rico.

• Be careful when using words such as and, or, not. These words may limit the amount of items retrieved. • Call numbers for dissertations only consist of a number.

• If you are interested in only retrieving dissertations, try including the word “thesis” in your search query. • Avoid using punctuation marks in a search query.

• CUNY+ does not allow for fuzzy searching, please be sure to spell author name or keywords properly.

• When relevant materials are found, click on the subject headings of the records to find related materials.