Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Beyond the Browning of America Programs 1 - 3

(DVD & VHS) USA (1992)
Deep Dish TV Network
Producer: Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños (CEP)-Hunter College-CUNY
Language: English/Spanish with subtitles
Color with B/W film footage
Duration: 58 minutes per program.
This three part documentary program hosted by Maria Hinojosa, is a compilation of documentaries on the Latino experience in the United States. 
Program One: Expansion Intervention and Migration: film documentary segments presented: Sin Fronteras, produder Colin Jessup; Manos a la Obra: the story of operation boostrap, produced by CEP with Susan Zeig & Pedro A. Rivera; The Unwanted, producer/director José Luis Ruiz.
Program Two: Work and Opportunity: film documentary segments presented: Uneasy Neighbors, producer/director Paul Espinosa; Año Nuevo, producer/director Todd Darling; Life in the ''G", director Hector Sanchez; 2076 Second Avenue: An East Harlem Story, director Millie Reyes; El Pueblo Se Levanta, producer Third World Newsreel Collective; Chicano Park, producers Mario Barrera and Marilyn Mulford. 
Program Three: Culture and Identity: Readings and documentary films presented: Borderlands La Frontera the New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldúa; barrioforenglishonly written and performed by Tato Laviera; Border Brujo, producer/director Isaac Artenstein; Different Visions Different Bones, producer/director José Gaztambide; From Here From This Side, producer/director Gloria Ribe; AmeRican by Tato Laviera; Plena is Work, Plena is Song, producer CEP with Susan Zeig & Pedro A. Rivera.