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CENTRO Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies
volume XXIII - number 2 - Fall 2011

Table of Contents

4... Puerto Ricans in the U.S. Low-Wage Labor Market: Introduction to the Issues, Trends, and Policies
M. Anne Visser and Edwin Meléndez

20... Transitions to Wage Labor and Postsecondary Education Among Puerto Rican Youth
William Vélez and Pat Rubio Goldsmith

38... Low-Wage Labor, Markets and Skills Selectivity Among Puerto Ricans Migrants
Edwin Meléndez and M. Anne Visser

64... Stateside Puerto Ricans and the Public Workforce Development System: New York City, Hartford, Springfield/Holyoke
Ramón Borges-Méndez

94... Puerto Ricans and the Green Jobs Gap in New York City
Víctor M. Torres-Vélez

114... Successful Pathways to the Teaching Profession for Puerto Ricans
Carmen I. Mercado

136... Abriendo Caminos: An Analysis of Three Social Work Pathway Initiatives for Low-wage Puerto Ricans
Anthony De Jesús

156... Conclusions: Improving the Pathways to Economic Opportunity
Edwin Meléndez and M. Anne Visser

162... Book Reviews

176... Contributors

178 Acknowledgements

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