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CENTRO Journal Citations:

This page provides access to an autonomous citation index to cited references of articles published in CENTRO Journal. Contrary to other citation indexes ours includes citations
of our essays published in academic books and monographs, as well as in all academic journals. Excluded from the list are citations from dissertations, newspaper articles, and popular magazines. The citation information presented here was gathered from the Social Science Citation Index, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, as well as from the reference sections of selected academic books, and from journals published in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

journal-citation chart displayin citatations from 1989 to 2012.

The citation data presented is origanized in 2 different manners
(both as pdf files available for downloading):
• by name of the author published in CENTRO Journal;
• by the year in which the article published in CENTRO Journal was cited.
So far our survey has confirmed over 1320 citations of journal articles from 1989 through February 2012. The table below shows the distribution of citations by year.

Although at present bibliometric characteristics of the data are not fully expanded, our attempt is to show the impact on research achieved by this journal. In the future we expect to present a more detailed analysis of our impact. We also invite authors and visitors to send any information on essays published in CENTRO Journal that are cited elsewhere (in academic books and journals) and are not included here. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

The citation index dates from February 2012 and includes citations in academic books and journals of all our published articles since the journal’s inception in 1987. The next update will be done in February 2013.