Teaching and Learning Puerto Rican Studies
Centro seeks to play a catalytic role in the revamping of curriculum development and classroom experiences to enhance Puerto Rican studies. The activities are intended to support Hunter and other students and faculty throughout CUNY who are teaching and learning Puerto Rican studies.

Many Puerto Rican students would like to have internship experience but have very little knowledge of available opportunities or do not fully understand the career advantages that such an experience offers them. Learn more about current internships in our library and archives; community education, outreach, public affairs, events, our electronic magazine; fundraising and development, media relations, business-plan development, and program management.

Open courseware is a web-based electronic publishing initiative that makes available online core teaching materials such as lecture notes, syllabi, bibliographies, literature reviews, curriculum guides, study notes and video and sound materials related to specific courses in any given subject.

Bibliographies & Research Guides
In this section you will find a resource for information and data, a point of access or referral service to hard-to-find information needed by journalists, researchers, students, teachers, and others. This series will be a set of bibliographies of published works on Puerto Rican Studies and where to locate them.