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Jesús Colón: A Writer Who Changed Our World

 Developed by Carmen I. Mercado, 9/8/12

Born in Cayey, a tobacco growing area in  Puerto Rico in 1901, Jesús Colón is considered a pionero because he migrated to New York in 1917.  As a young  boy, the oratory of readers hired by cigar  makers ignited Jesús Colón’s life-long  passion for the written word.

  • Jesús Colón was a prolific writer who wrote in a variety of genres, but he specialized in the “cronica,” or chronicle, to relate important events in an engaging manner.
  • Colón’s work is reminiscent of Walt Whitman and Zora Neale Hurston. But it was Langston Hughes, a light-skin mulattoo who was also bilterate, who shared much in common with Colón.