Cultural Competence in Social Work

The following products have been produced pertaining to cultural competence in social work:

1.) An annotated bibliography compiled by Manny González, PhD and Alberto Guerrero, MSW containing over 25 references related to cultural comptence in several major subfields of social work, and a second annotated bibliography focusing on issues of mental health within the Latino/Puerto Rican community, emphasizing issues of clinical care and treatment and specific diagnostic concerns--such as suicide, depression, persistent and chronic mental illness and childhood/adolescent psychopathology—as they apply to the management of culture and cultural competency.

2.) A research brief that provides a synthesis of the major trends in the area of cultural competence in social work.

3.) A graduate seminar on cultural competence in addressing the mental health of Puerto Rican/Latinas by Dr. Iris Zavala Martínez. Distinguished Lecturer at Centro.