Cultural Competence in Education

The following products have been produced pertaining to cultural comptency in education:

1.) An annotated bibliography containing over 30 references related to culturally comptency in education. These were chosen as the most relevant texts after an extensive search of the literature.

2.) A research brief that provides a synthesis of the major trends in the area of cultural competency in education.

3.) A video which provides documentation of Professor Yvonne De Gaetano's course on multicultural education in Hunter's School of Education. It is divided into four major sections. The first section in an introduction to Professor De Gaetano and cultural competency in education, situating her work within the history of Puerto Rican activism in New York City. In the second section, Professor De Gaetano discusses the structure of her course. In the third section, she reflects on the focus group she conducted with a group of her students as well as on the two interviews with former students that she taught. Professor De Gaetano's reflections and insights are interspersed with edited footage from the focus groups and interviews.