Centro’s education programs seek to develop curricula and pedagogies that motivate Hunter, CUNY and other students, as well as teachers, to become involved in Puerto Rican Studies, provide the necessary supports for success, and encourage a sense of service toward others. Our academic programs would serve both undergraduate and graduate students at Hunter College, and are connected to other CUNY degree programs.

Strengthening the Puerto Rican Educational Pipeline ›
Currently, there is no more urgent need for Puerto Rican youth than completing a college education. One of Centro’s new areas for development would be to advance Centro’s participation in college educational programs.

Teaching and Learning Puerto Rican Studies ›
Centro seeks to play a catalytic role in the revamping of curriculum development and classroom experiences to enhance Puerto Rican studies. The activities are intended to support Hunter and other students and faculty throughout CUNY who are teaching and learning Puerto Rican studies.

Cultural Competence ›
Cultural competence is defined by behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency or among professionals enabling effective work in cross-cultural situations. By involving faculty, students and community in its Cultural Competence Initiative (CCI), Centro aims to engage all these stakeholders in the preparation of a corps of culturally competent professionals for careers in social work, public health, education and urban planning in Puerto Rican, Latino, and other underserved communities.