When I Can No Longer Forget

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When I Can No Longer Forget (For Abuela Juana)

When I can no longer forget
the smell of your body
near you
in the sacrament of our love
get closer to me still
tell me de tus historias
the history of the Saint
that lived in the sea
Tell me again of your first love
how you fell into the sun
embracing it with your tinted hands
hands that held earth
and your lips pure blood
full of wine and sky
embedded in your smiles
you’d reveal to me secrets
words could not
You lifted me up towards the moon
and made me laugh
being such a scaredy-cat back then,
afraid of everything
mantequilla palito
With your eyes
you placed me within trees
tranquil and sacred
you loved me such,
that even now I can no longer forget

© Diana Gitesha Hernandez. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.

Centro Voices (ISSN: 2379-3864).
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