Tato Laviera

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By Nancy Mercado

Tato Laviera

Monarch of exuberant madness

Roaring to the saints

Dancing to the tune

Of oceans and mild sea air

In the mist of New York City winters

You offer gemmed bouquets

Poetic tidbits and grand stories

In Harlem

In Loisaida

En Borinquen

Inculcating us never to forget

Our Black brilliance

Our colossal sand dunes, mountainous and river-crossed homes

Our middle passage, our gods

Illuminating our lyrical paths

Of miles of memories

Of future happenings…


Our children will know your name.

© Nancy Mercado. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.

Centro Voices (ISSN: 2379-3864).
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