But Just a Few

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By Nancy Mercado

But Just a Few

I sit where a tree has a grand view to the sea

Where lizards climb down from shady hideouts to say hello on breezy afternoons


I sit where the winds bring welcomed messages from the past

Where Earth-gods sing reminding me we are but specs in an otherwise spotless world


There are few

But just a few

Who accept the give and take of our living planet

There are a few just but a few

Who know the language of the grass and of the flowers

There are only a few but a very few

Who understand the movement of insects and of the lions

There are very few so very few

Who know the meaning of black crows and of sea horses


I sit where silence loudly trumpets eternity its own

© Nancy Mercado. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.

Centro Voices (ISSN: 2379-3864).
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