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                for Yasmin Hernandez

Frida Kahlo and Julia De Burgos
an artist builds connections
on garden walls
that cultivate souls.
Snapshots. Between
cultures and communities
Mexicanos y Puertorriqueños,
Chicanos y Boricuas,
friends and lovers,
mothers and children,
hearts and minds,
La Reina hosts
the historic past
with futures of hope,
elder teachers
empowering young leaders,
offerings of songs
con Son de Monton,
crossing from spirit world
into visible space,
bringing ancestor words to life,
remembering their sacrifice
for us, las brujas
revealing the lessons,
palomas de Caridad
liberation rituals
healing our nation
to rise
and fly free.

© Sandra Maria Esteves. Published by permission in Centro Voices on 10 April 2015.

Centro Voices (ISSN: 2379-3864).
The views expressed here are those of the author and not necessarily those of Centro Voices, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies or Hunter College, CUNY.