How To Prepare For This Weekend’s #PuertoRicoPuertoRicans Conference

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By: Gabriela Sierra Alonso

If you are a Center for Puerto Rican Studies follower then you should definitely know by now that this weekend we are hosting a massive conference entitled #PuertoRicoPuertoRicans this Friday and Saturday--April 22 and 23-- at Hunter College’s Silberman School of Social Work.

What is this conference all about?

New York City is home to the largest population of Puerto Ricans--period. The majority of Puerto Ricans now live stateside and we’ve organized a hub for all Puerto Ricans to come together and talk about the devastating crisis on the island and how it affects Puerto Ricans everywhere. After the PROMESA bill was introduced last week the need to meet and discuss alternatives has become even more urgent. We plan to unite the Puerto Rican community--8.6 million as one--to search for solutions and eventually, generate a critical response to the worsening state of affairs on the island and beyond.

Who is going to be there?

More like, who is not going to be there. A broad spectrum of leaders, government representatives, educators, activists, and youth alike are set to attend this timely and vital conference. Not to mention all kinds of members of the community like YOU. See the full agenda here.

I don’t know much about what’s actually happening in Puerto Rico, or how it affects our people in the United States?

Great! All the more reason to come because this event is intended to educate the general public on the matter first, and move on to break out sessions to pose topics to discuss potential solutions. Plus, our research center has prepared groundbreaking briefs that break down data state by state and offer insight into under researched topics affecting all boricuas, like you.  If you want to be fully prepared to engage in the conference take some time to read over the briefs and if you weren’t interested before, you will be after reading these.

I didn’t register! Do I have to pay?

This is a FREE event that’s open to the public. Plus, you can register at any time. Remember, registering will not only get you into the event but it will make you a part of our community. We are trying to coalesce all Puerto Ricans to ACT on the current crisis and registering will make you a part of this growing movement!

This event is so me but I’m outside of New York and can’t physically be there.

Not to fear, #PuertoRicoPuertoRicans will be streaming online here. If you have any reactions, or want to participate in the conversation be sure to use the #PuertoRicoPuertoRicans and #Boricuasonline across social media!

We hope that you can join us as we come together in search of a better future for our island.

See you this weekend!

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