Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Archives Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Should I conduct research in the Centro Archives or Centro Library?

 2.Who can do research at the Centro Archives?

3. How do I do research at the Centro Archives?

4. How do I get to the Centro Archives?

5. What information can I access online?

6. Do Centro Archives have digital collections?

7. Are there any restrictions on any of the Centro Archives Collections?

8. Can I schedule a class visit to the Centro Archives?

9. I cannot visit the Centro Archives. What type of research assistance can you provide by phone or email?

10. What fees are charged by the Centro Archives?

11. How do I obtain copyright permission to publish Centro Archives material? 

12. What is the preferred citation of the Centro Archives?

13. Can I donate materials to the Centro Archives? 

14. Do I need to organize my papers or records before donating them?

15. Will Centro Archives appraise individual items or collections?

16. Does Centro Archives accept volunteers?