Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Digital archives NHE Ventana Project

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Digital archives

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These are links to other repositories and/or organizations that include documents and images about the Puerto Rican Experience:

Donors and Funders

Sincere thanks to the donors and their families for entrusting the papers to us and for having the vision to understand their value to future generations. Credit to collection creators and/or donors are acknowledged in the finding aids and/or named in the inventories and unprocessed list in the Centro Finding Aids section. El Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños acknowledge these generous benefactors.

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Collection Policy

 The Archives’ strengths are principally in the area of social history, although there are also important holdings in culture and the arts. The following are intended as guidelines to help inform the process of collection development:

History of the Archives