Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Malavé, George
Photographer who donated a photocomposition of Tito Puente playing timbales. [Topics: Folklore; Music]



c. 1980s        0.01        1        Inventory


Maldonado, Adal
Artist who forms part of the Nuyorican scene. The collection consists of a time capsule with some artifacts selected by Adál. [Topics: Art; Culture]




2010        4.0        14        Inventory


Maldonado, Arturo
The collection consists of documents from the papers of Maldonado, Miguelángelo Rodríguez, Pacheco Padró and others. The majority are programs and flyers from various cultural, opera, and theater events and activities, including the 1972-to-1983 Festival Casals in Puerto Rico.  A highlight of the collection deals with the discrimination faced by English speakers in Puerto Rico.  Also included are a gay short story and literature correspondence. [Topics: Arts; Literature]

1954-1987        0.5        5        Inventory


Artificial collection grouped by provenance.  The Maps Collection consists of 80 items depicting political boundaries in Puerto Rico, geography and demography. The collection also includes maps of the Caribbean archipelago, East Harlem and New York. Highlights of this collection are a 1973 Copperplate engraved map of Puerto Rico, by S. Giovanni, and a 1713 copy of a 1576 early map of the island, both in mint condition. [Topics: Migration and Settlement]

1898-1930        -        1        Inventory


Marcano, Pedro “Piquito”
Pedro Marcano was one of the foremost Puerto Rican bandleaders, composers, and vocalists of the 1930s and ‘40s in New York City. He was founder and director of the Cuarteto Marcano, one of the most popular bands of this time in the bolero style, which consists of soulful ballads dealing with the universal theme of love. Marcano worked closely with performers, such as Pedro Flores, Pedro Ortíz Dávila, Bobby Capó and Tito Rodríguez. The collection consists of documents such as flyers and newspaper clippings, as well as photographs of the musical figure, but also including other artists. [Topics: Arts; Music; Performers]

1920-1972        0.12        27        Inventory


Maristany, Hiram/Los Pleneros de la 21
Los Pleneros de la 21 is a non-profit organization serving the Puerto Rican/Latino community and based in El Barrio, East Harlem, New York City. Los Pleneros is also a performing ensemble, preserving the Afro-Puerto Rican traditions of the bomba and plena. The collection consists of 14 photographs and two videos photographs relating to the Puerto Rican musical group’s visit to Cuba in 2003, which was co-sponsored by Centro and documented by photographer Hiram Maristany. [Topics: Folklore; Music]

2003        0.5        14        Inventory


Martí, Justo A.
Photographer and former Merchant Marine.  This collection is an important resource for its impressive visuals, which document the life and activities of individuals, families and organizations that make up the Puerto Rican experience in New York, as well as the experience of other Hispanic groups as seen through the lens of Cuban photographer Justo Marti. They primarily capture the time period between the 1940s and 1980s and the major social and political events, leaders and movements of those times. The entire collection is a visual testament of the Latino/Puerto Rican presence in New York City. The collection contains 98 cubic feet of prints and 78 cubic feet of negatives. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Migration and Settlement]

1920-1990        166        403        Finding Aid


Martínez, Julio [PDF]
Pioneer in drug treatment and prevention programs in New York City and throughout the country. Julio Martínez was born January 20, 1944 in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.  Two years later, he moved to New York City with his family and settled in Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx.  By the time he reached his early teens, Martínez was already struggling with a drug addiction. After meeting at Phoenix House, a drug rehabilitation program started by Julio Martínez and Carlos Pagán in the late 1960s and directed by Pedro Falcón, the three went on to establish various substance abuse treatment centers including Project Return and El Regreso, Inc. and to provide leadership for countless other programs. [Topics: Gender and Sexuality; Health and Community Welfare; Organizations and Leaders; Social Reform]

1967-2008        1.5        1        Finding Aid


Martínez, Susana
Puerto Rican poet and an active member of the Puerto Rican community in  El Barrio. The collection consists of 4 published poetry books and anthologies, two unpublished manuscripts, notebooks and writings, original paintings, award certificates from various organizations, newspaper clippings, event programs, newsletters, correspondence and copyright documents for her writings. [Topics: Arts; Culture; Literature]

1964-1996        1.2        6        Inventory


Martorell, Antonio
Painter, graphic artist, writer and radio and television personality. He regularly exhibits in Puerto Rico and the United States and participates in arts events around the globe. Collection comprises 2 posters advertising Quijotextos, a book of writings by Martorell featuring the photography of Guillermo Real. The posters are for events held at spaces in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 2005. [Topics: Arts and Culture]


McGee, Doug
Photographer. Contains 3 photographs of artist Jorge Soto. [Topics: Arts]

c. 1988        0.1        3        Inventory


Méndez, José Rafael
This microfilm collection contains a display of steamship artifacts, manifests, and programs by the Porto Rico Line Steamship. Artifacts and documents in this display were recovered from steamships en-route to New York and/or other Caribbean destinations.The images and mementos of tourists, crewmembers and migrants will help recreate their journeys and their rich and multifaceted stories. [Topics: Migration and Settlement]

1906-1940        0.05        19        Inventory


Meléndez, Mickey
Activist for Latino and Puerto Rican rights. He has held senior positions in the New York City government and has taught in the black and Hispanic studies department at Baruch College. He is also the recipient of the Charles Revson Fellowship (2004-05) at Columbia University. The collection is made up exclusively of edited galleys of Meléndez’s manuscript We Took the Streets (2003). [Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

2003        0.25        2        Inventory


Méndez, Olga [PDF]
New York State Senator (1978-2004) and first Puerto Rican woman elected to a state legislature in the continental United States. Senate district included East Harlem, parts of the South Bronx, Roosevelt Island and Washington Heights. Méndez was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and married into a respected East Harlem political family. Her father-in-law, Tony Méndez, was the first Puerto Rican district leader in Manhattan. The collection spans her 13 consecutive terms in the Senate, and includes correspondence, memoranda, legislative files, subject files, organizational files, public relations materials, press releases, newsletters and press clippings, publications, artifacts, photographs, and audio and video recordings. [Topics: Family and Community; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law]

1962-2004        35        15        Finding Aid


Mercado, Edward [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Public servant at the state, city and federal level, serving in organizations such as the Equal Economic Employment Opportunity Commission. He was director of the New York City Commission on Human Rights and the New York State Division of Human Rights. The collection documents the participation of Edward Mercado and other Latinos in Republican Party politics, information made all the more interesting because Latinos have traditionally favored the Democratic Party.  It also deals with Puerto Rican politics and the status issue, particularly the links between the statehood movement and the Partido Nuevo Progresista on the island and with Puerto Ricans in the United States. The papers consist of reports, correspondence, writings, news clippings and photographs. [Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1960s-1999       10.47       21        Finding Aid


Migration Division
The Migration Division was established in 1947 and began operations under the Puerto Rico Department of Labor. Unique and unprecedented, the Division's goal was to help ease the way for Puerto Ricans as they integrated into the host society, acting as the intermediary between the city and other agencies and the migrant community. The Division also explained Puerto Ricans to outsiders, helping them to adjust to the newcomers. In order to provide orientation regarding rights and responsibilities as citizens and to look out for the newcomers’ social well-being, the Division initially established the following programs: Identification Services, Employment, Education, Community Organization, Social Services, Political Participation and Voter Registration Campaigns (Avanzada and Atrévete), Cultural Affairs, Law and Legal Counseling Services, Farm Workers, Farm Workers Group Insurance and the Library. The Migration Division operated from a central office in New York City with numerous regional and local offices. In 1989, the functions of the Migration Division were transferred to the Department of Puerto Rican Community Affairs in the United States. The records in this collection provide ample documentation for the study of the work of the Division and its place in the history of Puerto Ricans in the United States. [Topics: Migration and Settlement; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform]

See Offices of the Government of Puerto Rico in the United States (OGPRUS)


Millán, William
Arranger, guitarist and musical director for the salsa band Saoco. Collection of videotapes, audiocassettes, CDs and flyers and other promotional documents for Saoco, and documents on Puerto Rican poets, writers, theater, playwrights and Taino culture. [Topics: Arts; Community Life; Music]

1970-1997        0.25        5        Inventory


Miller, Paul G.
The Paul G. Miller Collection consists of .12 cubic feet of items, the majority of which are correspondence, but also includes reports, clippings and bulletins belonging to Miller, who served as the Commissioner of Education in Puerto Rico from 1915 to 1930. Miller also wrote Historia de Puerto Rico, which was considered the authoritative text on Puerto Rican history. The collection documents the transition of the educational medium from English only, which had been established in 1898, after the American occupation, to Spanish in the lower grades and English in the higher grades. This collection was deaccessioned from the Forrest R. Polk Archives. [Topics: Education]

1915-1930        0.12        6        Inventory


Miranda Archilla, Graciany [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Poet, journalist and essayist, and a co-founder of Atalayismo. The papers are an important contribution to the study of Puerto Rican poetry, and particularly to the history and influence of Atalayismo.  They also provide useful insights into the political and cultural milieu of Puerto Rico in the 1930s and 1940s and of the Puerto Rican community in New York of the 1950s and 1960s. The papers consist of correspondence, published and unpublished poetry, essays, critical reviews, clippings and photographs. [Topics: Arts and Literature]

1911-1991        6.3        13        Finding Aid


Momber, Marlis
German born photographer who has documented the Lower East Side for over 30 years. Collection consists of contact sheets, prints, a DVD version of the film Viva Loisaida, postcards for exhibitions, clippings, biographical information, press releases, flyers, books featuring Momber’s photographs, a painting with an image modeled on one of Momber’s images and copies of Loisaida: The Lower East Side Magazine. [Topics: Arts; Community]

1970s-2009        3.5        138        Inventory


Monserrat, Joseph [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
A government official and community leader. The papers document his role and that of the Migration Division in the formation and implementation of the policies of the government of Puerto Rico regarding the migration of Puerto Ricans to the U.S. The materials are valuable for research in the areas of community development, bilingual education, school decentralization, civil rights, electoral politics, police brutality and corruption, community organizations, farm labor, inter-group relations and the internal workings of the Migration Division and the Board of Education of the City of New York. Among the personalities represented in the collection are Luis Muñoz Marín, Herman Badillo, Rafael Hernández Colón, Robert García, Leonard Covello and Nydia Velázquez. The records consist primarily of personal documents, correspondence, writings, appointment books, directories, reports, news clippings, programs and photographs. [Topics: Labor and Occupation; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform]

1953-2005        12.56        24        Finding Aid


Morales, Jose F./The Toxic Avengers
The Toxic Avengers is a student group founded at El Puente Community Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1987. Concerned itself with issues of pollution and environmental safety in the immediate community. Collection consists of the organization’s records, including memoranda, agendas, correspondence, photographs, publications, clippings, reports, a banner and a reel of 8-mm film. [Topics: Health and Community Welfare]


1990-1991        2.0        8        Inventory


A youth conference and organization founded by the National Latinas Caucus and affiliated with the Puerto Rican Association for Community Affairs. It addresses leadership issues and involvement in cultural and community affairs. The collection is comprised of conference proceedings, programs, many posters, announcements and other promotional materials. [Topics: Culture; Leaders and Organizations; Social Reform; Welfare and Community Life; Youth]

1992-1999        5.0        124        Inventory


Mújica Family
Genealogical collection consisting of 4 family photographs taken in Brooklyn, New York, and personal documents including two original war ration books and a postcard. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Migration and Settlement]



1933-1952        0.05        6        Inventory


National Congress of Puerto Rican Rights
Civil rights organization aiming to unite different groups and sectors of the Puerto Rican community such as professionals, laborers, students, artists and others in an effort to combat discrimination and inequality. There is information about the events, including publicity, memoranda, bulletins, photographs and programs of various events and chapters of the organization. [Topics: Community Life; Organizations and Leaders]

1981-1991        0.5        1        Description


National Latinas Caucus
The principal goal of the organization is to empower women in local communities by organizing and developing networks around issues of common concern, to provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement and to foster a stronger sense of self-awareness. Special projects include El Barrio Renaissance, an effort to create low- and moderate-income residential units by renovating city-owned vacant buildings, and Economic/Leadership Development mini-courses for Latinas. [Topics: Health and Community Welfare; Leaders and Organizations; Women]

1985-1991        1.0        5        Description


National Puerto Rican Forum (NPRF)
Founded in 1957 by Dr. Antonia Pantoja, the National Puerto Rican Forum (NPRF) provides education, training, advocacy and information to prepare individuals for meaningful employment. NPRF is the oldest national Puerto Rican organization in the United States. [Topics: Community Welfare; Education; Labor and Education]

1970s        6.90        5        Inventory


Nieto, Sonia
A professor of language, literacy and culture, Nieto is as expert in the fields of multicultural and bilingual education and Puerto Rican children’s literature. She is the author of numerous books and is involved in organizations that focus on educational equity and social justice. Her papers contain photographs, oral history interviews, writings and other materials. [Topics: Culture; Education; Social Reform]

1970s-2004        30.4        1        Inventory


Noriega, José
Noriega worked as special assistant for migrant labor for the State of New York Department of Labor (1977-1983) and was a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee for Hispanic Affairs (1984-1994). Noriega formed a production company, Noriega Productions. As part of a documentary project, he researched and interviewed influential Puerto Rican figures. The collection consists of documents such as biographical information clippings, correspondence, bulletins and reports, and photographs of political officials. Noriega also donated the Oscar García Rivera Papers, which he acquired as part of his documentary project. [Topics: Labor and Occupation; Organizations and Leaders]

1937-1994        0.25        7        Inventory


Nuñez, Louis
Civil rights activist, former executive director of ASPIRA of New York, Inc. and ASPIRA of America, former president of the National Puerto Rican Coalition and former staff director for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The collection consists of personal and professional correspondence, annual reports and newsletters from the National Puerto Rican Coalition and remarks from his period as staff director for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. In addition, there are photographs that document Nuñez’s many professional roles. [Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Social Reform]

1963-2006        4.1        5        Inventory