Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Garcia, Robert [PDF]
Member of the New York State Assembly (1965-1967), the New York State Senate (1967-1978), and represented the South Bronx in the U.S. House of Representatives (1978-1990). He was the first New York-born Puerto Rican to serve in the U.S. Congress. This collection documents Roberts Garcia’s work in Congress as New York Representative of the South Bronx. The materials range from 1976-1994, with the bulk of materials ranging from 1978-1989. The papers chronicle his work on the Post Office and Civil Service Committee, the Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and his legislative work on issues of interest, such as immigration reform, bilingual education, and teen pregnancy. The collection also contains administrative files from Garcia’s Bronx and Washington offices, some personal and biographical information, records pertaining to his reelection campaigns, public relations materials, and subject files. Materials are largely textual, comprised of correspondence, memoranda, speeches, statements, financial and legal documents, congressional bills, minutes, agendas, clippings, publications, and ephemera. The collection also includes photographs, artifacts, and audio and video recordings. [Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform]

1976-1989        63.0        8        Finding Aid


García, Samuel
Painter. Collection includes 8 posters and several flyers that feature García’s realist paintings of scenes from both Puerto Rico and New York City. Included as well are exhibition catalogs. [Topics: Arts; Painting]




1990s        1.0        13        Inventory


García Rivera, Oscar [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Politician, lawyer, community activist. First Puerto Rican elected to public office in the U.S. An important source for the study of early Puerto Rican political life and of the existent conditions of the East (Spanish) Harlem community in the first half of the 20th century. In addition, it provides a viewfinder into labor politics and the political and social alliances created among the emerging ethnic communities in New York City. The materials consist of personal documents, correspondence, photographs, politically related handbills, flyers and other ephemera, clippings and artifacts related to García Rivera's political campaigns. [Topics: Community Welfare; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1912-1988        3.0        77        Finding Aid


García Rivera, Sandra
Performance poet, writer and musician. Distant relative of Assemblyman Oscar García Rivera. Sandra García-Rivera's collection consists of poetry, writings, programs, clippings, flyers, photographs, postcards and other ephemera. [Topics: Arts; Literature]



1990s-2000        2.0        10        Inventory


Gerena Valentin, Gilberto
Pioneer and Community Leader. Gilberto Gerena Valentín is a Puerto Rican pioneer in New York City who also was a key figure in developing major Puerto Rican organizations in New York City between the 1940s to the 1970s. He played a key role in the mobilization of Puerto Ricans in the 1963 and 1968 marches in Washington, D.C., as well as the 1964 school boycott in New York City, the largest in the history of the United States. He also served as director of the City Commission of Human Rights and as a city councilman representing Council District 11 in the Bronx. Gerena was an active player in the founding and development the Council of Hometown Clubs, the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, the National Association of Puerto Rican Civil Rights, the Puerto Rican Folkloric Festival, and the Puerto Rican Community Development Program. [Topics: Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1940s-1970s        -        1        Description


Glasser, Ruth [Audio Index]
This collection consists of 40 audiocassette interviews conducted by Glasser while writing her book/dissertation, My Music is My Flag. The collection is significant because among those interviewed are prominent musicians, such as Bobby Capó and Johnny Rodríguez, and/or their relatives, such as Victoria Hernández, sister to composer Rafael Hernández and owner of Almacenes Hernández in East Harlem, now known as Casa Amadeo, possibly the first Puerto Rican-owned music store in New York City. [Topics: Music and Musicians]

1988-1993        2.0        1        Inventory


Gómez, Enrique
Enrique Gómez is an actor who has worked with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. The collection consists of slides of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parades, personal slides, and information and programs on the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. The collection complements the Justo A. Marti Collection and others which document the evolution of the parades. [Topics: Community Life; Theatre]



1971-2000        0.15        5        Inventory


González, Carmen “Dice”
Social columnist. She published some of her writings in local newspapers such as El Diario/La Prensa in New York City and Tampa, Florida. The collection contains photographs and newspaper clippings. [Topics: Culture; Recreation and Leisure]






1930-1996        1.0        3        Inventory


González, Edward “Eddie”
Labor organizer and leader. His papers document his lifelong commitment and contributions to Puerto Rican/Latino labor organizing and his role as community organizer for the Migration Division of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. His papers complement also the papers of his wife, physician Helen Rodríguez Trías. [Topics: Labor and Occupation; Organizations and Leaders; Social Reform]

1960-2006        15.0        217        Inventory


González, Juan
Social activist and journalist, as well as a community organizer and labor leader.  This collection contains valuable material on the birth and development of several critical Puerto Rican and Latin American organizations, including the National Congress of Puerto Rican Rights, the Alianza Puertorriqueña, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Young Lords Party. There is also considerable material on three different labor actions and protests that Juan González was involved in as well as information on his personal life. The collection also contains extensive journalistic material from the author’s entire career, as well as source material and correspondence. The collection consists of administrative and organizational material, clippings, correspondence, notes, manuscripts and pamphlets, flyers, photographs, audio and visual files and a small oversize collection. [Topics: Labor and Occupation; Organizations and Leaders; Politics; Government and Law; Social Reform]

1945-2012        19.0        8        Finding Aid


Haslip-Peña, Jaime
Jaime Haslip Peña was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he migrated to New York. He worked on the steamship Borinquen from 1933 to 1941 and for the U.S. Customs Service from 1943 to 1985, during which time he wrote several reports and policy statements. The collection consists of biographical information and photographs. It serves as a documentation of the lives of the steamship merchant marines. [Topics: Business; Commerce; Occupation and Labor]

1918-1951        0.12        6        Inventory


Hernández, Miriam/Vistas Latinas
Founded in 1989 by Miriam Hernández and Regina Araujo, Vistas Latinas sought to counter the disproportionately small representation of Latina artists in museums, collections and galleries by organizing exhibitions and related events, as well as publishing exhibition catalogues and maintaining a slide registry. Collection includes correspondence, artists' slides, mailing lists, grant applications and newspaper clippings, focusing on artistic activity in the New York metropolitan area. [Topics: Arts; Architecture and Culture; Gender and Sexuality]

1990-1994        2.0        10        Inventory


Hernández, Pedro Juan
Collection consists of flyers, postcards, playbills, programs, photographs of Puerto Rican neighborhoods in New York City, Chicago and Boston and events such as Puerto Rican Day Parade, posters and other ephemera. [Topics: Community Life; Culture]

1995-2010s        2.0        5        Description


Hernández Álvarez, José
Hernandez Alvarez was a consultant with the Ford Foundation in Brazil and Professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson; the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; and Hunter College, New York. He also had an early role in the 1980 Census Advisory Committee and worked at the International Population and Urban Research Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, reports, clippings, and postcards. It explores the many facets of Hernández’s personal and professional life. It concerns his activities in New York, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago, Illinois, Brazil and Berkeley, California. [Topics: Education; Gender and Sexuality]

1952-2006        10.0        61        Inventory


Hernández Cruz, Juan
Juan Hernández Cruz was an activist and organizer of el Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (the Puerto Rican Independence Party) chapter in New York City. He was one of the main spokespersons for the organization in the United Nations Decolonization Committee. This collection documents the independence group’s efforts to keep Puerto Rico on the UN Committee agenda after the United States succeeded in removing it from its list of colonial territories in 1952. The collection consists of documents, such as agendas, memorandum, correspondence, bulletins, press releases, reports, speeches, clippings, notes and poems, as well as a political book. [Topics: Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1958-1982        0.25        5        Inventory


Hernández Cruz, Víctor
Victor Hernández Cruz, born in Puerto Rico, moved to the United States in 1954 with his family. He attended high school in New York. Cruz is a co-founder of both the East Harlem Gut Theatre in New York and the Before Columbus Foundation and a former editor of Umbra Magazine. He has taught at the University of California at Berkeley and San Diego, San Francisco State College and the University of Michigan. The collection consists of literary works. [Topics: Arts; Culture; Literature]

1966-1973        0.05        5        Inventory


Hernández-Delgado, Julio [Audio Index]
The collection consists of 13 audiocassette recordings about author and librarian Pura Belpre's contributions and legacy. Among them are interviews and book readings, several with the children’s books writer, Pura Belpré. This collection complements the Pura Belpré Papers, as well as Centro’s Oral History Collection by Lillian López. [Topics: Arts; Culture; Librarianship; Literature]


1972-1989        0.30        5        Inventory


Hispanic Labor Project
The Labor Project (Hispanic Labor Collection) includes a wide variety of labor leaders and organization collections which document the organizational efforts of the Hispanic community to address the needs and concerns of its workers and communities in the U.S. The collection documents and photographs, including union manuals, constitutions, newsletters, event flyers, meeting agendas, correspondence and memos, journal articles, research papers and reports, conference programs, voter registration campaigns, biographical/historical information, and interview transcripts from organizations such as the Hispanic Labor Committee, Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, New York State Department of Labor, United Federation of Teachers (Local 2), New York Health and Human Services Union (Local 1199) and the International Ladies Garment Union (Local 62-32). [Topics: Labor and Occupation]

1920-2005        1.0        19        Inventory


Hispanic Ministry
The collection consists of writings from various church organizations of denominations such as Episcopalian, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal, including contact information for the churches and members, as well as writings on language, ethnicity, cultural and socio-economic differences within the church, and various writings on Hispanic congregations. [Topics: Community Life; Religion]

1951-1991        0.12        5        Inventory


Historical Journals and Periodicals
Artificial Collection grouped by provenance. Collection consists of over 100 items from several American publications documenting the Spanish-American War in 1898, the U.S. occupation of Puerto Rico, and the period of transition of Puerto Rico from a Spanish colony to U.S. territory. It includes newspapers, magazines, booklets, illustrations, lithographs, postcards and prints, from issues of Harper's Weekly, Leslie's Weekly, Scientific American, Puck, Judge and others. The publications are political in theme, containing articles on key battles of the war and brief biographies on military figures, others were intended to attract tourists to the Puerto Rico, the “newest possession” of the U.S., displaying stunning landscapes and attractions. The publications document the changing attitudes of America towards the Caribbean throughout this time period, therefore an imperialistic, sometimes racist, ideology is reflected in many of the articles and political cartoons. One highlight of this collection is its impressive artwork, including photographs, cartoons, drawings and sketches from life by well-know artists of the time period. [Topics: Politics]

1898-1920s        -        21        Inventory


Cable television program dedicated to gay Latino issues. The collection consists of correspondence, subject files, organizational files, administrative files, clippings, flyers, posters, proposals, scripts, reports and multi-format videos offering rich documentation on gay, lesbian and Latino social and political movements, as well as their cultural counterparts. It is concerned mainly with activities in the New York metropolitan area. [Topics: Family and  Community; Gender and Sexuality; Social Reform]

1980-2002        21.0        57        Inventory