Centro Library and Archives Historical Preservation and Research Partnership Program Fall 2016-Spring 2017

The Center for Puerto Rican Studies Library and Archives seeks Partners to collect, archival material, conduct research, and disseminate new knowledge about the history of Puerto Rican individuals in communities in the United States.

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Torres, Andrés
Professor, economist and activist. Collections contains materials on the Puerto Rican Studies Association, the Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños and the National Puerto Rican Association. [Topics: Business; Education; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law]


1987-2004        1.0        10        Inventory


Torres, Austin/Fiesta de San Juan and Hispanic Day Parade
Consisting of approximately 80 slides, this collection documents the Spanish Day Parade (1958) and the Fiesta de San Juan (1959). [Topics: Culture; Family and Community Life]

1958-1959        0.12        10        Inventory


Torres, Felipe N. [PDF] [ENGL]
Family Court Judge in the Bronx, the second Puerto Rican elected to the New York State Assembly and the first to hold the office from the Bronx. Serving from 1953-1962, Torres initially represented the 5th Assembly District of Bronx County and would go on to represent the 4th Assembly District for the rest of his years in office; both districts were located in the South Bronx. From 1963-1967, shortly after the end of his terms in office, he also served as a judge. The papers help chronicle the long and dynamic career one of New York’s original Puerto Rican pioneros in the legal and political fields. Moreover, they help trace the origins of the Puerto Rican community in New York in the early decades of the 20th century and its subsequent growing presence and influence in numerous aspects of political and civic life. A historically rich collection, highlights of the papers include extensive correspondence with noted figuresas well as memoranda, photographs, flyers, clippings, programs, videotapes, audiocassettes and artifacts. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Migration and Settlement; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1881-2004        18.0        22        Finding Aid


Torres, Frank [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Supreme Court Justice of the State of New York, civic leader and legislator. The papers document his contributions as well as those of other members of his distinguished New York “pioneer” family in the legal, political, and religious spheres and their overall service to the community. They are especially significant for understanding the groundbreaking role played by Frank Torres and his father, Felipe N. Torres in the judiciary. Among the prominent names appearing in the collection are his father, Felipe N. Torres, Congressmen Herman Badillo and Robert García, and former Archbishop of Puerto Rico Roberto O. González. The collection consists primarily of personal, judicial and administrative documents. Contained are letters, programs, legal briefs, minutes, essays and proposals for community projects, and newspaper clippings. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1917-2000        15.65        24        Finding Aid


Torres, Johnny
Businessman who donated 0.25 cubic feet of papers related to his work as president of La Metro Bodega Owner’s Association. [Topics: Business; Community Life]


Torres, Lourdes [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Community activist, educator and organizer. The collection is a source for understanding the role of Puerto Rican activists in the 1980-1990s in New York, the struggles for civil rights of the Puerto Rican community, the National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights, and the Committee Against Fort Apache. There is also information about bilingual education, and other organizations committed to civil rights goals. The types of materials included are reports, flyers, letters and memoranda, press releases and news clippings, as well as photographs. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1968-2000        7.13        1        Finding Aid


Torres, Tanya
Poet and artist. Collection of several art books donated by Tanya Torres. Included are some of her works (Cuerpo de batalla) and others done in collaboration with poet Yarisa Colon such as Imagenes femeninas. [Topics: Arts and Culture; Visual Arts]


2002-2011        0.5        1        Inventory


Torres-Ortiz Family
The family consisted of entrepreneurs from Puerto Rico who migrated to New York City and San Francisco. The papers include correspondence, newspaper articles, books, notebooks, magazines, religious keepsakes and other items from each of the family members, the family’s steamship voyage between New York and Puerto Rico along with Victor M.’s scrapbook about his military service during the World War II period. [Topics: Family and Community Life]

1911-1975        3.50        22        Inventory


Torruellas-Leval, Susana
Author and former director of El Museo del Barrio. The collection consists of exhibition catalogs, publications and journals which document the presence of Puerto Rican and Latinos in the fine art world. Some of the artists and art spaces highlighted include Nitza Tufiño, Jorge Soto, Marcos Dimas, Rafael Tufiño, Eloy Blanco, and Edgar Francheschi, among others, and Cayman Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art (M.O.C.H.A.) and El Museo del Barrio. Included as well are some materials on non-Latino artists, such as Carrie Mae Weems, and journals such as Nueva Luz: A Photographic Journal and Primera Luz (both from En Foco) and Afterimage, a publication of the Visual Arts Workshop. [Topics: Arts; Community Life; History; Women Leaders]

1977-2005        1.0        7        Inventory


T-Shirt Collection
Artificial collection grouped by provenance. Among the donors are Diana Caballero and Blase Camacho Souza. This collection of printed T-shirts promote an array of topics and issuses concerning the Puerto Rican communities such as voting and registration campaigns, labor groups, Puerto Rican Hawaii Centenenial Anniversary, March for Justice in Washington, Boycott of Fort Apache film, and many others. [Topics: Community Life; Community Welfare]

1984-2005        0.20        4        Inventory


Tufiño, Nitza
Artist and first female artist of the Taller Boricua since 1970. She is also memeber of El Consejo Grafico, a national coalition of latino printmaking workshops and individual print makers. The collection includes photographs, correspondence, miscellaneous materials and a video recording of an event at the Nuyorican Poets Café in 1983. Poets include Miguel Piñero, María Mar and Miguel Algarín. The New York Rican Poets Café has served as a venue for emerging Nuyorican (Puerto Rican) artists and writers in New York. [Topics: Literature; Organizations and Leaders]

1950s-2010        0.5        18        Inventory


United Bronx Parents, Inc. (UBP) [ENGL] [ESPN]
The records are an important resource for anyone studying the development of Puerto Rican community-based organizations in New York City. They provide information on education and the public school system, community empowerment, local politics, the South Bronx, and the Puerto Rican leadership of New York City in the 1960s and 1970s. Also documented is the career of the organization's founder, Evelina López Antonetty. The types of documents included are correspondence, memoranda, minutes, by-laws, papers, photographs, flyers and clippings. [Topics: Education; Organizations and Leaders]

1966-1989        12.0        50        Finding Aid


U.S. Army Center of Military History 65th Infantry
The U.S. Army Center of Military History contains files pertaining to the 65th Infantry Regiment in the Korean War. It provides "important insights not only into the regiment's unique problems, but also into the status of the United States Army's at one of the most critical junctures in its history." [Topics: Military]

1950-1953        6.0        1        Inventory


Usera Family
Contains a series of photographs, as well as copies of the university diplomas of several Usera family members and a narrative written for Juan González. [Topics: Family Life]

1956-2003        0.12        0        Description


Valentín, John M.
Social worker and former director of ASPIRA of New York, Bronx and Manhattan centers and the Puerto Rican Arts Guild. Collection is comprised of certificates, photographs, correspondence, clippings and resumes/biographical information. Included as well are documents on ASPIRA of New York and the Puerto Rican Arts Guild, maps and promotional materials pertaining to Puerto Rico. [Topics: Organizations and Leaders]

1957-2003        0.50        5        Inventory


Vando, Erasmo [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Activist, writer, actor, producer and journalist. These papers are an important resource for studying the evolution of the Puerto Rican community in New York from 1919 to 1945 and also support research on organizational development and cultural and sociopolitical activities. The papers also shed light on the life and contributions of individuals such as political leader Gilberto Concepción de Gracia, chronicler and activist Bernardo Vega and poet/dramatist Gonzalo O'Neill. Included are correspondence, writings, flyers, programs, photographs and news clippings. [Topics: Arts and Culture; Family and Community Life; Health and Community Welfare; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government, and Law; Social Reform]

1917-1996        3.0        69        Finding Aid


Vázquez, Lourdes
Writer and poet whose work has been published in many literary magazines in Latin America and Europe. The collection includes correspondence, writings, publications, flyers, press releases, event programs, information and writings by other Puerto Rican writers, clippings, artifacts, photographs and audiocassettes. Included as well are a number of chapterbooks and other literary publications. [Topics: Arts and Culture]

1965-2005        5.5        7        Description


Vega Yunqué, Edgardo
Novelist and short story writer. This collection documents the life and literary development of Edgardo Vega Yunqué through several drafts of works, from handwritten notes to published materials. It contains drafts of published novels such as No Matter How Much You Promise to Cook or Pay the Rent You Blew it Cauze Bill Bailey Ain’t Never Coming Home Again and Blood Fugues, as well as unpublished essays, novels, and poems. There is also considerable information on the birth and development of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center, the artistic organization that Vega founded and served as its first director. The collection contains correspondence, photographs, audio and visual files, artifacts and a small oversize collection. [Topics: Arts; Literature; Organizations and Leaders]

1908-2008        21        89        Finding Aid


Velázquez, José [PDF]
Member of several organizations that advocated for Puerto Rican independence and other revolutionary struggles. The papers are a rich source of information for researchers examining the Puerto Rican leftist movement that flourished in the late 1960s through the late 1970s and early 1980s.  The collection’s particular strength is in the documents and images relating to the Partido Socialista Puertorriqueño and its U.S. branch in New York City, the Comité Seccional that Velázquez served in as an active member and leader.  Also among the materials are court records stemming from Velázquez’s challenge to a charge of violating the Selective Service Act on political grounds, which offer various arguments against the conscription of Puerto Ricans in the United States Armed Forces. The collection includes a copy of the file the FBI kept on him once they identified him as member of a revolutionary organization, which provides insight into the FBI’s tactics and the degree to which they deemed Velázquez, and the PSP in general, a threat to national security. The materials include correspondence, clippings, flyers, letters, memoranda, minutes, negatives, newsletters, notes, programs, publications, photographs, speeches and writings. [Topics: Organization and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform]

1950s-1999        5.5        4        Finding Aid


Velázquez, Rosa
Collection of 12 prints from the Bomba and Plena series by artists Lorenzo Homar and Rafael Tufiño. [Topics: Culture; Visual Arts]

1950s        0.25        1        Inventory


Vélez de Vando, Emelí [PDF] [ENGL] [ESPN]
Political activist and community leader. This collection is valuable for examining the history of the independence movement, especially the history of the Nationalist Party, the Partido Independentista de Puerto Rico and Movimiento Pro Independencia. It is of particular importance for the insight it offers on the role of women in the independence movement and on women activists. The collection also contains significant information about political repression and the persecution of political activists in Puerto Rico. Like many other pro-independence sympathizers, Emelí Vélez de Vando was subjected to years of police surveillance. Among her papers is a voluminous carpeta, the secret file on her compiled by the police of Puerto Rico. In it are detailed accounts of all her activities, including her speeches at different forums and demonstrations. The collection consists primarily of letters, articles, photographs, police reports, audiotapes, programs and flyers. [Topics: Family and Community Life; Organizations and Leaders; Politics, Government and Law; Social Reform; Women]

1919-1999        5.44        29        Finding Aid


Vélez Mitchell, Anita
Actress, dancer, poet and former President of the Puerto Rican Writers Association. Collection contains correspondence, poetry, clippings, press releases, event programs, photographs and videos. [Topics: Arts and Culture; Organizations and Leaders]


1950s-2013        3.4        10        Inventory


Vidal, Jose
Architect and art collector. Vidal began volunteering at the Centro Library and Archives in 2003 and was the Centro Gallery curator for twenty exhibitions from 2003 to 2006. Throughout these years he donated Puerto Rican artists catalogs, brochures and other documents. [Topics: Culture; Visual Arts]


2003-2006        0.5        1        Inventory


Vila-Andino, William
A native of New York City, Vila Andino was an avid painter, veteran of World War II and grandson of the Puerto Rican composer Julian Andino. The collection includes pamphlets, writings, notebooks, clippings and flyers that attest to his interest in leftist/Marxist politics, the plight of African Americans in the 20th century, the social and economic conditions of Puerto Ricans both in the U.S. and on the island, as well as his ongoing concern with issues of race and class. Moreover, Vila Andino’s papers also highlight the intersections between Puerto Rican and African-American communities in New York, and the forging of mutually beneficial alliances across racial and ethnic lines. [Topics: Arts and Culture; Politics, Government and Law; Organizations and Leaders]

1940-1990s        17        1        Inventory


Visiones NBC
Visiones: Latino Arts & Culture is the first PBS series to focus exclusively on Latino artistic expression in the U.S. It examines the nation's diverse Latino communities and how they have been able to keep their artistic expressions alive while creating new and unique visions that contribute to art in America. [Topics: Arts; Culture; Education]

1983-1991        2.0        6        Inventory


Wagner, Harriet
High school teacher. Wagner caused much public controversy on the island when a student who read from her book manuscript was offended and outraged by Wagner’s writings on Puerto Ricans. Collection consists of documents, including official identification, drawings, correspondence, clippings, notebooks, travel writings, personal diaries and poetry, as well as 58 photographs and 21 postcards, which include images of Wagner, friends and family, and of Puerto Rico and its citizens. [Topics: Arts and Literature; Family and Community Life]

1927        1.0        7        Inventory


Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago on the Puerto Rican Community
This selection of documents from the Records of the Welfare Council of Metropolitan Chicago in the Chicago History Museum includes clippings, articles, correspondence and minutes from the 1950s-1970s, and public statements by key Puerto Rican government officials like the Governor Luis Muñoz Marin, the Migration Division National Directors Joseph Monserrat and Clarence Senior. The collection also documents the creation of a committee "to promote better integration of Puerto Rican Citizenry into the community." [Topics: Community Welfare; Migration and Settlement; Organizations and Leaders]

1951-1976        0.50        1        Inventory


Zentella, Ana Cecilia
Zentella is a central figure in the study of U.S. Latina varieties of Spanish and English, Spanglish, and language socialization in Latino families, a respected critic of the linguistic profiling facilitated by English-only laws and anti-bilingual education legislation. Collection consists of clippings, newspapers, flyers, correspondence and programs about Puerto Rican political prisoners, in particular Lolita Lebrón and the Comité Lolita Lebrón. [Topics: Language; Politics]

1974-1979        0.25        12        Inventory