Research Seminar





Conference: Public Policy Conference on Puerto Rican Social Conditions

• Strengthening the Educational Pipeline
• Fairness in Criminal Justice
• Health Equity / Mental Health
• Economic Opportunity


September 23, 2010

Welcome to Florida at Centro
Legacy Series
A Conversation with Maurice A. Ferre,
the Former Mayor of Miami
Thursday, September 23, 3:00 p.m.

Centro Conference Room 1442, 14th floor East Building
barrios Series
Puerto Ricans in Central Florida
1940’s–1980’s: A History

Exhibit Opening & Reception
Curator: Patricia Silver
Presenter: Xavier Totti, CENTRO Journal special issue Welcome to
Central Florida






“If These Walls Could Speak”: Nuestras
Identidades In and Out of the Streets.

A view by Puerto Rican artist María Domínguez
Exhibition Opening & Reception



Puerto Rican Literature of Migration

Moderator: Arnaldo Cruz Malavé



Meet the Authors

Opera Ardiente
Author: Pedro López Adorno