Historical Preservation

Puerto Rican Culinary Arts
Wednesday, April 4, 6–8:00 pm
Speaker: Nilsa Rodriguez-Jaca
Centro Conference Room 1442, East Building, 14th floor




Migratory Dreams: A Puerto Rican Journey
Authors: George Malave and Jose Angel Figueroa
Guest Artists: Tamarinda Barry Figueroa, Magdalena Gómez, Louis Reyes Rivera, Tato Laviera, Myrna Nieves
Thursday, February 9, 6–8:00 p.m.
North Cafeteria, 3rd Floor, West Building, Hunter College




Siglo XXI Sheds Light on U.S. Latino Issues






Piri Thomas Remembered


Dr. Virginia Sánchez Korrol to be Honored at Siglo XXI Conference


By Clarisel Gonzalez


Exhibit Asserting their Rights: Puerto Ricans and African Americans in their Quest for Social Justice