Exhibition Panel
Stories from Cruising the Atlantic from Porto Rico to New York: the Steamship Journeys, 1900-1940’s

Centro Library Room 120, Silberman School of Social Work
2180 Third Avenue (119th Street), NYC

Thursday, September 22, 2016
6-8 PM

Moderator: Pedro Juan Hernández

Panelists: José Rafael Méndez and Gabriel Haslip-Viera, Professor Emeritus

Through the years José Rafael Méndez has purchased steamship-related documents and artifacts that speak to the Puerto Rican heritage and culture. Professor Gabriel Haslip-Viera searched through his family album and learned about the journeys from New York to Puerto Rico from former steamship crew members Nicholas and Jaime Haslip. For the first time, both of them will interweave and connect these artifacts and stories into a fascinating history of Puerto Ricans on the high seas. This is among the stories that are depicted in the current exhibition Cruising the Atlantic from New York to Puerto Rico: The Steamships Journey, 1900-1948. Exhibition will be on view until Friday, September 23, 2016

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