Forum New York Puerto Rican Theatre Today: A Dialogue

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015

Silberman School of Social Work, 2180 Third Avenue
(119th Street), Centro Library & Archives Rm 120 and Lobby

Centro-produced videos will be shown about three New York-based Puerto Rican Theatres: Teatro SEA, Pregones/PRTT and Teatro Circulo. The Artistic Directors of these theatres will discuss the Nuyorican tradition of theatre, the future of their companies and how they are working to connect to the Puerto Rican Diaspora.

Rosalba Rolon (Pregones/PR Traveling Theatre),
Manuel Moran (SEA-NY),
Jose Cheo Olivieras (Teatro Circulo)

Special Guest: Miriam Colon

Moderator: Marilisa Jiménez García

Co-sponsored with Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (SEA) in conjunction with Borimix Festival 2015.

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