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Events Fall 2009

September 23, 2009  Centro’s Open House

October 01, 2009  Meet the Authors / Sounding Salsa: Performing Latin Music in New York City by Christopher Washburne
Location: Centro Library East Bldg. 3rd Floor, Main Library Entrance



October 08, 2009 Meet the Authors Impossible Motherhoodby Irene Vilar
Discussants: Tamera Gugelmeyer and Robin Morgan
Centro Library East Bldg. 3rd Floor



October 15, 2009 Research Seminar & Exhibit Luis Muñoz Marín: The New York Years
Presenter: Mario Pérez Miranda, Centro Dissertation Fellow
Centro Library East Bldg. 3rd Floor, Main Library Entrance


October 22, 2009 Meet the Authors Matters of Choice: Puerto Rican Women’s Struggle for Reproductive Freedom

Book presentation By Iriz López 

Discussant: Rosalind Petchesky (Hunter College)


October 28, 2009  Research Seminar An Illustrated History of the Puerto Rican Art Movement in New York City

Presenter: Yasmin Ramirez, Centro Researcher



November 05, 2009 Celebrating Poet and Community Activist Clemente Soto Velez

November 16, 2009  The Life & Times of Clemente Soto Vélez

November 17, 2009  Re-Membering LOISAIDA: 2009

November 18, 2009    Barrio Series Re-Membering Loisaida at the Clemente Soto–Vélez Cultural Center

November 12, 2009  Research Seminar The 2010 Census and Puerto Ricans: Statistical Policy Issues and Politics
Presenter: Angelo Falcón, President, National Institute for Latino Policy



November 20, 2009  Forum: Teaching Puerto Rican History in the 21st Century
November 20, 2009    Barrio Series : Visioning Loisaida: Discussion of Everyday Life, Music, Poetry, Performance, and Art Collectives



December 02, 2009  Forum: The Young Lords Party: 40 Years Later




December 03, 2009    Exhibit: Asserting their Rights: Puerto Ricans and African Americans in their Quest for Social Justice





December 08, 2009  Meet the Authors Barrio Professors Tales of Naturalistic Research





December 10, 2009 Student Initiatives / Urban Jíbaro Poetry: Open Mic Night Poetry Readings
December 11, 2009 Forum — Pathways to Economic Opportunity: Improving the Prospects for Puerto Ricans in Low Wage Jobs

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