Centro to Promote Opportunities for Students at Fall Open House

Centro is looking forward to stimulating student interest by promoting the its rich opportunities right here at Hunter College. Evelyn Collazo, events coordinator at Centro, has recruited a team of young Centro staffers to chat with students at Centro’s Fall Open House on how they can benefit from the institute in numerous ways, including internships, work-study and jobs in areas such as video editing and production, publication and research.

The open house is set for Wednesday, September 19, from 1 to 3 pm in the Alumni Hall of Fame area, located just inside and to the right of Hunter College’s West Building turnstiles.

Collazo said students will be greeted by a diverse team of Centro staffers, including recent college graduates and current students from different colleges, who will chat with students about what the staffers do at Centro and describe how it fits into their field. The Centro staffers represent many disciplines, including library , media, writing, education, and research.

“The idea is to have some of the younger staff of Centro speak to the Hunter students and inform them about what is Centro, where is Centro located (downtown and uptown), and what experiences are available to the students in areas such as research, data/statistics, media, and development” Collazo said.

Staffers expected to host the open house include Melissa Garay, media; Roseni Plaza, data and research; Anna Rosofsky, data and research; Sarah Molinari, oral histories, library, and research; Yosenex Orengo, library; Ana Rosa Perez, library; Rachel Torres, research; Ricardo Rodriguez, research; and Shakti Castro, oral histories.

Centro is the only research institution devoted primarily to collecting, preserving, and advancing the story of the stateside Puerto Rican experience. Our famed library and archives, which is now based at the Silberman building in East Harlem, is the only repository in the United States that holds works dedicated solely to the Puerto Rican experience, including the world’s largest collection of books, personal and government papers, graphics, special collections, documents, and oral histories.
Centro’s research is directed at affecting public policy by encouraging research on the current social conditions of Puerto Ricans and establishing a research agenda that sets priorities from a Puerto Rican-community perspective. Centro’s education programs help keep Puerto Rican studies vibrant, develop interest among the younger generations, and aim to increase the quantity and quality of Puerto Rican scholars.

While Centro focuses on the Puerto Rican experience, Collazo said the Library and Archives could also be an educational resource for anyone doing research on a variety of subjects, including economics, history, politics, literature, and art.

Puerto Ricans from many different fields have entrusted their collections to our famed Library and Archives. Centro Archives makes available for research unique primary materials that document the history and culture of the stateside Puerto Rican experience with a concentration on New York City. Among the collections are the records of civil rights organizations, the papers of activists, writers, artists, scholars, educators, and elected officials. A highlight of the holdings is the extensive Records of the Office of the Government of Puerto Rico in the United States (OGPRUS).

Centro’s cultural programs offer platforms for writers, artists, poets, other performers, and Puerto Rican leaders, and help spread Puerto Rican stateside history and culture to a wide audience.

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