Symposium and Call for Papers:

One- Hundred Years of the Jones Act and Puerto Rican U.S. Citizenship

In anticipation of the centennial (1917-2017) of the enactment of the 1917 Jones Act, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies (CENTRO) will sponsor a symposium examining the history and legacy of the collective naturalization of Puerto Ricans as United States citizens. The collective naturalization provision of the Jones Act not only departed from all prior precedents, but also established a new precedent for the extension of citizenship to annexed territories. The goal of this symposium is to examine the complexities surrounding the collective naturalization of the inhabitants of an unincorporated territory.

Confirmed invitees include Silvia Álvarez Curbelo (UPR), José Álvarez González (UPR), Linda Bosniak (Rutgers), Pedro Cabán (SUNY-Albany), Christina Duffy Ponsa (Columbia), Samuel Erman (USC), Sanford Levinson (UT-Austin), Efrén Rivera Ramos (UPR), Susan K. Serrano (University of Hawai’i), Rogers Smith (Penn), Bartholomew Sparrow (UT-Austin), Lorrin Thomas (Rutgers), Hon. Juan Torruella (U.S. Court of Appeals), and Neil Weare (We The People) The symposium will be held October 15-16, 2015. Paper abstracts should be sent to Carlos Vargas-Ramos by March 16. 

For more information click here.(Call for Papers PDF)