Centro Journal Special issue “Puerto Rican Florida”

- October 22, 2009

  Forthcoming in Spring 2010
—vol. 22, no. 1—
Special issue “Puerto Rican Florida”
Guest editors Patricia Silver and Jorge Duany



  • -Puerto Rican Youth in Central Florida: Dreams and Struggles by Diana Ariza
  • -Barriers to Political Participation of Puerto Ricans and Hispanics in Osceola County,Florida – 1991-2005 by José E. Cruz
  • -The Orlando-Ricans: Overlapping Identity Discourses among Elite Puerto Rican Immigrants by Jorge Duany
  • -La diáspora en la frontera: retos y oportunidades para el estudio del Orlando puertorriqueño by Luis Martínez-Fernández
  • -The Health Status of Puerto Ricans in Florida: What We Know, What We Need toKnow? by Fernando I. Rivera and Giovani Burgos
  • -“Culture Is More Than Bingo and Salsa”: Making Puertorriqueñidad in Central Floridaby Patricia Silver
  • -Chasing the Florida Dream: Examining the Schooling Experiences of Puerto Rican Youth in a Large Comprehensive High School by James Sokolowski and René Antrop-González
  • -Negotiating Puerto Rican Identity in Central Florida and Online by Natalie Underberg
  • -The Impact of Housing Segregation and Structural Factors on the Socioeconomic Performance of Puerto Ricans in the United States by William Vélez and Giovani Burgos
  • -Homeownership Among Puerto Ricans in the Orlando, Florida Metropolitan AreaBy Jacqueline Villarrubia-Mendoza
  • -PLUS MORE essays and interviews, and our regular sections of Review Essays andBook Reviews.