Spanish eBook of Gerena Valentín Memoir
Now Available at Centro Store

With so few platforms marketing eBooks in Spanish, Centro has made the Spanish-language version of Soy Gilberto Gerena Valentín: memorias de un puertorriqueño en Nueva York available through the Centro Store.

“The Centro store is now offering the Spanish language e-version of this book. This is the first eBook that we feature in the Centro store. We’ll soon have most of our titles available as eBooks through the store ” said Noraliz Ruiz-Caraballo, the coordinator of Centro Publications. “Gerena Valentín’s memoir is such an important contribution to the story of our emigration that we wanted to make sure it was readily available to those who preferred the Spanish version.” Centro published the book, written in Spanish by Gerena Valentín and edited by Carlos Rodríguez Fraticelli, in both English and Spanish.

In this memoir, Gerena Valentín takes readers on a journey through the union, political, social, and cultural struggles Puerto Ricans experienced between the years following the Great Migration through the 1970s, including the fight for civil rights and the 1964 school boycott, in which he played key roles.  

Ruiz-Caraballo noted that beside the great variety of Centro published books, the new online Centro Store is an exciting place to visit for cultural items. “The e-store features many other products that showcase the rich history and heritage of Puerto Ricans in the United States,’’ she said.  It is the place to find the limited edition silk screen prints from the nu-Yo-Rican art portfolio, which includes work by Diógenes Ballester, Marcos Dimas, Sofia Maldonado, Rodríguez Calero and Adrián ‘Viajero’ Román. These art pieces make a beautiful addition to a home, gallery space or office and make exceptional gifts.

The Centro Store also offers the Puerto Rican Heritages Poster Series, which spotlights the history of the island and the emigration. The series is a great tool for educators and makes a crowd-pleasing exhibit for community organizations. The store also offers videos and publications by Centro staff researchers.

Ruiz-Caraballo said that the store is “another step Centro is taking to reaffirm its mission of understanding, preserving and sharing the Puerto Rican experience. “ And, she added, “By shopping at the Centro Store, you are not only purchasing quality products, but you are investing in Puerto Rican heritage. Make sure to visit our store often to view our latest items and take advantage of our special offers.”

The ebook version of the Gerena memoir is available (EPUB editon) - (Kindle edition)

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