Puerto Ricans in Social Media: The New Barrios

At Centro, we are deeply interested in best understanding the Puerto Rican experience in the United States. Today, that Puerto Rican experience includes a whole new world we have yet to explore: the internet. The old and new migratory wave of Puerto Ricans are now more dispersed than ever and have a new way of creating communities—online. At Centro, we have started to venture into these new spaces where Puerto Ricans are communicating through our Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you haven’t had a chance to follow us, we hope you take this chance to join the conversation. We have a vibrant and engaged community that we look to continue growing and engaging with.

Beyond that, Centro, with the support of numerous partners, is organizing the first conference ever to focus on Puerto Ricans in Social Media. Through this conference we will look at where the Puerto Ricans are in social media, how we are using diverse online platforms to create social communities, as well as Puerto Rican identities and social consciousness. Under the #boricuasonline, this week we launched a campaign to explore these questions with the first question focusing on tracing where our audiences are located geographically. Other themes will follow bi-weekly and will lead to the final conference on May 12, 2015. This conference will be a culmination of our preliminary explorations into the world of Puerto Ricans communities in the Internet Age, which will help us start a conversation around the issues that truly matter to our dispersed communities online and offline. Join the launch, the conversation as we ask the question: Where are the Puerto Ricans?