One million Puerto Ricans in Florida by the end of 2014

By the end of 2014, Florida will become the second state behind New York to exceed a population of one million Puerto Ricans. New data released by the American Community Survey shows that Puerto Ricans in the United States are growing at a rate faster than the population of the United States as a whole and much faster than the population for non-Hispanic whites. The population for Puerto Ricans also grew faster than Hispanics and Latinos as a whole.

The data released by the American Community Survey shows dramatic changes in the destinations for stateside Puerto Ricans. In 2013, the number of Puerto Ricans residing in Florida reached over 987,000 residents. In addition to Florida, there have been continued increases in the Puerto Rican population in both Texas and North Carolina, far outpacing the growth in places normally associated with mainland-based Puerto Rican communities such as New York, Illinois, and Connecticut. New Jersey and California are other states where the Puerto Rican population has grown at rates that exceed the national average for Puerto Ricans as a whole.

In contrast to the stateside population growth, the American Community Survey also shows an ongoing decline in the Puerto Rican population residing on the island, which for the first time in history fell below three and a half million in 2013.

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