Centro Voices 

Centro Voices is a new peer-reviewed, online magazine devoted to Puerto Rican studies. The Center for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) and its partners conceive Centro Voices as a web-based outlet for the exchange of ideas and scholarship not regularly covered by traditional academic journals.


Centro Voices – on Centro’s website (www.centropr.org) – is a shared cybernetic space in which online resources are organized in sections corresponding to work groups (such as Yahoo group, Google group etc.). These groups create pages with assistance from Centro staff, can add content with ease, and may choose to sustain blogs and discussion lines. Each one of the groups is responsible for maintaining and updating their sections periodically. Centro is a research center dedicated to the study and interpretation of the Puerto Rican experience in the United States. We are committed to making this research available and useful to those in community organizations, public policy, and academia. Centro is the world's only repository of archival and library materials dedicated exclusively to the Puerto Rican Diaspora. We seek to contribute to the advancement of the field of Puerto Rican studies and all the academic and community institutions that comprise the field. Centro Voices is intricately related to Centro’s mission.


Become a Centro Voices Editor Today!

Becoming a Centro Voices editor is easy. Just send an e-mail indicating your interest. You can submit a proposal for a new section (read below) or join an existing group. All faculty affiliated with a Puerto Rican or Latino studies programs, or any Puerto Rican-studies scholar, can serve as an editor of a section. Other professionals in the field of Puerto Rican studies can also partner with scholars and become co-editors of the sections of the magazine. Editors are responsible for all content development and for the review of material submitted by members and other contributors. We expect editors to become regular contributors to the magazine. Each section must have a minimum of two editors who will coordinate the group’s activities.

Join a Centro Voices Group Today!

Joining a Centro Voices group is easy. Just send an email. .As a member, you can participate in content development by submitting and soliciting materials or new projects, and you can also assist editors with the review of material submitted by other members and contributors. Since work is on a volunteer basis, you can commit to participate as much or as little as you are able. Other common questions are answered below, in the Q & A section.


Create a Centro Voices Section Today!


And creating a Centro Voices group is easy too. Just send an email. We seek proposals for the creation of new sections for Centro Voices that focus on specific areas of the Puerto Rican Studies field. We also would like academics, professionals and other community individuals to join existing groups. We are providing samples of projects and groups already in the works, such examples are not an exhaustive list.

For group information, e-mail:


Please address technical questions to:
Jose Camacho, Centro’s Web Master (jcamac@hunter.cuny.edu).