Title: Director (Associate or Full Professor)
Location/Department: Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños
Position Detail:
Start date is negotiable but desirable by January 2008
FLSA Status:
: Commensurate with experience.
Web Site:
Notice Number: FY – 13322
Closing Date:
Open Until Filled with review of applications to begin 06/30/2007.

The Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños/Center for Puerto Rican Studies is auniversity-based research institute, housed at Hunter College, whose missionconsists of two components. One is to collect, preserve and provide access toarchival and library resources documenting the history and culture of Puerto Ricans.The other is to produce, facilitate, and disseminate interdisciplinary research aboutthe diasporic experiences of Puerto Ricans and to link this scholarly inquiry to socialaction and policy debates. The Centro is strongly grounded in the Puerto Rican/Latinocommunity, answering to the community's research needs and nurturing thecommunity's strengths and potential. Over the past thirty three years, the Centrohas pursued an interdisciplinary intellectual agenda that has successfully engagedmatters of fundamental importance to many fields of study in the university, as wellas those issues germane to Puerto Rican Studies and Puerto Rican/Latino faculty andstudents. It has earned considerable respect and renown in the academy, bothinternationally and in the United States. It plays a role in several inter-institutionalprograms of academic and research collaboration in the United States, Puerto Ricoand the Caribbean.

The Centro publishes an academic journal, policy papers and other scholarly andgeneral public- oriented publications. The Centro also coordinates an academicexchange program with universities, research institutes, independent scholars,artists and students throughout the Caribbean.

The primary responsibility of the Director is to ensure thatCentro has a first-class and scholarly reputation, and conducts cutting-edgescholarship in broad areas related to the Puerto Rican experience. The Director hasthe responsibility of establishing Centro policies and plays a leading role in theformulation of the Centro's interdisciplinary research agenda as well as participatingin research activities. S/he provides the leadership needed to advocate for andenhance the development of the Library and Archives. As lead spokesperson, theDirector is expected to shape the projection of the Centro into the public arena andlink it to the Puerto Rican community, to the university community, to the CUNYadministration, to elected officials and policy makers, to the Centro's network ofcollaborating research institutions, to academic and professional organizations, tocommunity-based organizations and to foundations and funding sources.

The Director works during the summer and receives a summer supplement. TheCentro Director reports directly to the Provost of Hunter College.